New Year's Resolutions


THIS IS basically what I try and improve all year round but everybody knows that the ability to be able to achieve your goals in the new year is especially powerful. 

1. More reading. I remember a few years back, I made one new year's resolution and it was to make more of an effort to read in my spare time, that year I managed to read something like 25 books in a year and they were all pretty thick with super tiny text so I was quite pleased and intended to outdo myself the following year,  I didn't manage anywhere near 25 but a respectable 12 was still alright and since then it got progressively worse. This year I managed 3 and one of the three was a book by Mindy Kaling and took all of 30 minutes to read (does that even count?). This year I'm putting aside time specifically for reading, I've started my first book of 2014, "Memoirs of a Geisha" by Arthur Golden. 

2. Be more Organised. When it comes to being organised, I struggle. There are people I know who live by their google calendars, I don't even own a diary. Most of the time, I end up having to email whoever to reconfirm when our scheduled meeting was, as the note I had scribbled down the date and time has now been lost or I had written it down on the back of my hand which of course will have faded after a couple of washes. My strategy this year involves the purchase of a Filofax (embossed with my name on the front) and writing out a daily to-do list and checking it most evenings to make sure I got the tasks done. 

3. Try cooking. I'm cutting down on the number of times I bake, this ties in with resolution number 4. Although, I've not cooked much in my life, I love watching cookery shows and I am a little fanatical about Nigel Slater. I received his "Eat" book for Christmas and I'm going to try and cook something new each week, if it turns out alright I may even share on the blog. Last week I tried making potato cakes, they looked terrible and tasted bland, suffice to say they will not be featured on here any time soon!

4. Eat better. A few years ago, not having my 5-a-day was a rare thing but suddenly these past few years my diet has been absolute terrible. I had a bit of a health scare this year so this isn't because to reduce the size of my tummy, this is so I can be the healthiest I can be. 

5. Dress Up. Be more experimental with my wardrobe and I mean with clothes I already have. I've got into this habit lately of always going for the same type of clothes and I've gotten too comfortable. 

Well, there they are, a few of my resolutions that I hope to achieve this year! 


  1. Nice list of resolutions in cute drawings!
    I wish you good luck with it ^^ Xx

  2. such cute drawings! Definately want to keep up some of these resolutions too!

  3. Love the drawing and I'm with you on all of those!
    Love this post :)


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    Instagram: KendraAlexandra
    Facebook: StolenInspiration

  4. These are great resolutions - I share many of them! :) Love the drawing. One of mine is definitely to eat better - I think I've put myself off chocolate after eating so much at Christmas haha! xo

  5. Love the illustration! I need to illustrate more again - and I like the one about eating better. I don't snack thatttt much on Chocs usually but I have definitely been over-indulging during Christmas!

  6. These goals seem perfectly achievable to me. I'm going for put more effort into keeping fit, start a new sport (thinking indoor rock climbing) and ramp up my blog.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. nice list!
    xoxo Sienna

  8. I love that these are simple, attainable goals! Need to do ALL of these! Learn more in the kitchen, eat healthier, dress up more and read more books. Perfect ;)
    xo TJ

  9. Amazing Lola. I love this post and the illustration is so sweet. I'd love to see more of those on your blog.

    Definitely with you on all these resolutions. I'm generally going to try to spend less time staring at my phone screen (I am obsessed) and get back into shape. For recipes I'd really recommend the website Food 52. Everything I've tried from there has turned out really well. I'm going to try to feature some more posts that include recipes as well - so maybe we can pick up some ideas from each other?



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