Breakfast Smoothie


OVER THE SUMMER, I decided to finally invest in a decent blender, after many nights spent googling and amazon-review-reading, I decided to go with one by Magimix. The online reviews suggest that it is almost as good as the Vitamix but way less in price and since buying it, I've seen it featured on Gordon Ramsay, let's face it, if Gordon Ramsay (King of food) is using it, y'all know it's gonna be good. I have been experimenting with it ever since I made my purchase and the only thing I can fault it on is this: our kitchen top isn't very big which means I have to store it elsewhere and since elsewhere is taken up by a crazy amount of tupperware and other unnecessary shiz clogging up our kitchen cupboards, it means I have to detach the entire thing but this is a tedious task I'm willing to partake as the smoothies are pretty damn delish and so quick and easy to make. Above featured is by far my favourite smoothie ever, inspired by the original breakfast smoothie by Innocent Juices, which was cruelly discontinued and left me in search for a tasty alternative. I like having this particular smoothie for brekkie as the addition of oats makes it wholesome and filling enough to have just a smoothie in the morning. Soooo tasty,mmm

p.s. for extra special powers, I add a spoonful of flaxseed to my smoothie before whizzing it all up, flaxseed has amazing health benefits, way too many to list here!


  1. I did the same and invested in a smoothie blender - best things ever for morning drinks and homemade milkshakes!

  2. My sister really wants a smoothie blender. Might have to convince her to buy one sooner so that I can test out this recipe!

  3. I did the same and bought a blender this summer. And my fav smoothie is very similar to this actually. I got milk, oats, banana, cinnamon, honey. Sometimes I have chocolate milk, banana, bit of milk and cashu nuts. What does this Flaxseed stuff do then, worth the money?

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Mmmm I like the sound of adding cashew nuts! Flaxseed is a great addition to this smoothie as it contains many vitamins and minerals to keep your body in general good health, it's a quick, easy access to these vitamins & minerals and you get more than enough in just one tablespoon.


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