Christmas Wishlist


1. Twenty-Six collectible hardcover editions of classical literature by Penguin. I have "E for Eliot" on my wishlist. 

2. I wasn't sure about these headphones by Frend, they look too pretty so I automatically figured they'd be absolutely rubbish at blocking out any background noise. Gave them a go at Topshop, Oxford Circus (one of the nosiest places I know) and could not hear a thing...well, apart from the music!

3. The high-street is littered with tartan printed items, I've not found any appealing but these ones from Toast have managed to lure me in. 

4. I just like the look of these by Topshop. 

5. Despite Jack Wills being a place for Uni students, a lot of the cool kids were wearing it at my school and it is the only time I can recall wanting to spend more than £100 on a scarf. I'm ashamed to admit that the only reason was because wearing Jack Wills instantly depicted you as the coolest girl ever, I'm glad I never had enough money though! A few years ago however, I was lucky enough to win a giveaway over at one of my fave blogs: and one of the items I won was a cashmere scarf by a brand called Muriee. The price was over a £100, outside my realm of spending so I never would have considered buying it but the scarf has swayed me to invest in accessories and has shown me that it is worth spending a great deal more than I tend to. I wore it for the entire winter last year and it's been keeping my neck warm this winter too. The quality is unreal, it still looks as good as it did when I received it, no sign of bobbling at all! I love the look of this one by J.Crew

6. I took up knitting earlier this year and I'm proud to announce that I successfully knitted my very own scarf. Continuing with my success, I'm going to have a go at a jumper though I feel I am now ready to invest in better quality wool

7. I have been saving up for a watch by Daniel Wellington for a while now. Love the simple, classic looks they stock. 

8. These are the prettiest shoes by L.K. Bennett I have seen in a long time. I wish they were available in red so I could click my heels and pretend I was in the land of Oz. I am secretly hoping they will go down in sale and be available in my size as they are a little pricey. 


  1. Fabulous picks, you've given me some great inspiration. I love those headphones for a start! xx


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